Proving Haters Wrong

Was thinking about Mighty and the constant criticism they got throughout their entire journey. They shut down this week, and there has been a swarm of self congratulatory posts of people who “called it”. Frankly, it really pisses me off - I think it would be near impossible for me to quit something like that - the desire to prove the "haters" wrong would genuinely drive me to the brink of insanity.

I derive a lot of motivation from "haters". It's not an uncommon trait (at least in my circles), but it definitely is a weird one. It's been the case for since as long as I can remember. "There's no way you can win that prize.", "You won't ever make the rowing team.", "You'll never get into a good university.". Each and every time, the haters have spurred me on.

Even now, this trait - what some might call a chip on my shoulder, hasn't left me. After our seed round for Fluidstack, the desire to prove all of the (some 200 odd) investors who had turned us down was additional fuel for the first two years. Quite recently, some friends told me there was no way I could run a half-marathon without training. One of the most painful things I've ever done, but I ran one the next day.

Interestingly though, the satisfaction is never derived from a "hey look, I did it". It starts off with that and then it turns into a competition against yourself, driving you to do more.

I've found it a great source of strength and resilience over the years.

I wish I had more haters.